Doctors Note

doctors-note-6-30-08What do you do when your application for leave is outrightly rejected? Take uninformed leave, get back armed with a fake doctors note and get the leave approved. Many employees are taking this route to take leave from work in emergencies. You can make use of a fake doctors note to take care of your sick child or accompany your spouse to the hospital or take time to attend your kid’s school event or just to chill out and relax at home.

At work, the stress levels are high and one has to race against time to meet deadlines. This scenario in the long run can lead to burn out. To avoid burnout, you can take a couple of days off from work or combine a few days with an extended weekend and head out on a relaxing trip to rejuvenate your body and mind. A fake doctors note comes handy in such circumstances.

Where can you get fake doctors note

The internet is flooded with websites that vend duplicate doctors note for sale. The number of such websites in existence is a clear indicator of the need for fake doctors note. Getting the notes is very simple. You have to choose the template, fill in the particulars, download and print it. If you have taken leave from work without intimation, the day you head back to work, you can get a fake doctors note in a jiffy to support your leave claim.

Free Vs. Paid fake doctors note

Anything that comes for free is sure to be lapped up. The inherent disadvantage of using free fake doctors note is that they land you in a soup very soon. Being used umpteen number of times, they can be easily detected as fake. The quality of notepaper used is inferior, the writing on it is grainy and scrawny, most important aspects like doctor’s official seal and registration number are missing. Infact, there have been instances where the ailment and the leaves taken have a total mismatch. Like taking leave for a day and mentioning the cause as a fracture without any bandages on you.

While it is not proper to make frequent use of these fake doctors note; if you have to make use of one it is recommended to use paid fake doctors note. These paid fake doctors note are designed professionally and make sure that they carry all the essentials present in an original doctors note. The chance that they can be detected as fake is very remote. The added benefit of paid fake doctors note is that they offer customization such that no two notes look the same.

Fake doctor notes for school

With fake doctors note easily available online, students are misusing them to skip school on a regular basis.  Parents and teachers have to be vigilant and monitor the usage of such notes. The fake doctor notes for school can be used to adjust the shortfall in attendance or any other genuine reason.

Using fake doctors note has become a common and accepted practice. As long as their use is restricted, employers do not attach much importance to the issue.