The Female Condom Should Be The Focus of Anti-HIV Campaigns

September 23, 2020 by No Comments

An expected 22.5 million individuals are living with HIV in the piece of African beneath the Sahara. This is a shocking measurement, around 66% of the worldwide aggregate. For example, Ghana alone, there are roughly 260,000 individuals living with HIV/AIDS with 140,000 being ladies and 27000 being youngsters. Ghana can check near 160,000 vagrants because of HIV/AIDS. Indeed, Ghana isn’t among the most exceedingly terrible hit nations; South Africa and Uganda for instance, have more awful numbers.

While this may seem like one of those measurements to certain perusers, however it is life and demise to several families and organizations. The social and financial results of the AIDS scourge are all over felt: in the African wellbeing area, in schooling, industry, farming, HR and the economy when all is said in done.

Regarding preventive or ‘prophylactic’ quantifies, the counter HIV/AIDS crusade heretofore has bolted on advancing the utilization of the male condom. In spite of the numerous long stretches of hostile to HIV crusades zeroing in on the utilization of the male condom, the outcomes so far don’t coordinate the endeavors put in.

Deplorably, nonetheless, in numerous networks in Africa, it is a seriously endurance testing activity to persuade a few men grasp the utilization of the male condom. It is an intricate issue that verges on custom, religion and obliviousness. This is compounded by the way that in practically all cases, the man cuts to control in sexual connections. Generally, in the African ‘misogynist society’, the man can decide to have various spouses or one wife with numerous sexual accomplices. A lady who practices such a modus vivendi is alluded to as a whore. It is unjustifiable and exhaust for the gathering who employs the ability to likewise settle on the methods for insurance in sexual connections. I respect it a lady’s correct issue to ensure that ladies have the fortitude to secure themselves in sexual relations.

Be that as it may, what’s up with the male condom?

The mission to advance the male condom has been continuing for quite a long time with some advancement. All things considered, such advancement doesn’t well associate with the endeavors that have been consumed. A portion of the guises some African men set forward contrary to the utilization of condoms incorporate the accompanying:

Condoms decrease joy or pleasure in sex

Condoms ruins the disposition

You can’t feel anything while at the same time wearing a condom

On the off chance that a ladies cherishes a man, at that point she you should simply confide in him

With the goal for sex to be genuine, substance must come into contact with tissue (obviously, condoms make this pre-imperative unreachable)

• Some even think it is sin to utilize the condoms during sex

Hence, I advocate that future enemy of HIV crusades change the current model and spotlight more on advancing the utilization of the female condom. The female condom should be elevated as an option in contrast to the male condom and ought to be accessible to all explicitly dynamic ladies. I accept that there should be a honed mission to offer assurance to the female condom in African people group until it at last turns into a standard extra in the lady’s satchel.

In my next article, I will examine the job governments, non-administrative association and noble cause can play in advancing and making the female condom accessible to explicitly dynamic African ladies. In the mean you can peruse more about the female condom on my blog.