Tips To Consider When Choosing A Karaoke Mixer

May 25, 2018 by No Comments

What Is A Karaoke Mixer?

Mixer – A device that allows one to reduce the sound signals received from different sources. In recording or concert sound reinforcement (a special case of which is karaoke) a mixer combines the signals previously recorded instruments or sound recording with vocals. Also, the mixer performs other functions: source signal matches the level of the dynamic range of the playback devices, enables to control the volume and frequency characteristics of the signals applied to various effects.

Typically, a professional mixing console is a separate device. Karaoke mixers semi-professional use often “embedded” in other devices, most often – amplifiers. Such devices are referred to as “active”. There are tiny enough affordable buying karaoke mixers as BBK KM121, you can turn even an ordinary DVD-player in the karaoke system. These systems are good for both beginners and demanding vocalists recommended a higher level of equipment.

Features Of A Karaoke Mixer

An important feature of the mixer is the number of channels. Each channel is a separate, independent of the other module connecting an external sound source. It can act as a microphone, an audio player, or musical instrument (for example, many professional mixers are equipped with guitar inputs).

Each channel can own settings. By varying the ratio of bass and treble controls, you can improve the sound of your voice. EQ useful for adaptation to the sound characteristics of the room. So, in a small room too high a bass level muffle the vocals and it will be perceived as muffled “slotting”. Reducing the level of bass, you get rid of this problem.

In expensive professional mixing consoles the number of channels may be greater than two dozen. If you want to buy a mixer for karaoke at home, you probably do not need more than 4 input channels (two microphones and two for audio devices). At a higher level models, such as Remix-32, can be up to six mic inputs – such a system makes it possible to supplement the performance solo entertainer live backing vocals.

Characteristics Of Active Mixers

A key feature of powered mixers, combined with amplifiers – power. On this parameter the device must match the acoustic system – columns, with no power, no column should not be working at full capacity. Outset that this is a passive acoustics – have powered speakers have their own amplifiers.

For many singers, aspiring to professional karaoke, it counts the number of sound effects, which is equipped with a mixer. The most popular of them – reverb and echo, supported by most digital mixing consoles. However, advanced models allow for more finely regulate the extent of these effects by hand or use for this factory presets (eg, model Blender-422 ).

“Margin of safety” for the amplifier is approximately 60% of the output power of the speaker. Only in this case you get the best, virtually no distortion of sound quality. For example, if the amplifier power is 120 watts per channel, the ideal match for it will be output from the speakers 60 watts. It is this combination are balanced amplifier-mixer Boost-102, and passive speakers Screamer-08b.

In general, buying a karaoke mixer – it is responsible, and can cause the novice engineer some problems. Doubt in the choice? Refer to the company’s consultants, and they will help you find the best solution.